Empowering your creativity

You are working with WordPress in a larger company or in an agency based in Sweden in need of a long term partner.

And we are DevHouse - a WordPress focused partner to larger companies and agencies in Sweden.


To think about when working
with WordPress in larger companies

Outsource content
and feature updates

Make sure your focus is on the actual content - and not how to publish it. Yes, WordPress comes with the opportunity of anyone on the team being able to update the site but that doesn't mean it's the right thing to do in your situation.

Make sure you're covered by a WP expert so you don't end-up spending time on the mechanical time-consuming work of adding content, trying to figure out how to change different functionalitites, how to add features, get statistics, rebuild pages, make it look nicer, make it go faster.

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Get advice & education

Sometimes it's not only about execution. It's about getting advice. "What plugin, if a plugin at all?", "What does it take to add a certain functionality?", "How do I integrate WordPress with our new chatbot? Is it even possible?"

Some stuff you might wanna learn youself. Make sure to have someone that can teach you those things. "I'd like to know how I change the address in the footer."


The project is over! Site is launched! Woho, let's celebrate...

So..what's next? Next is recurring new versions of WP, themes and plugins popping up all the time. Those need to be taken care of within a controlled monitored process: take backups, do tests, monitor the site for pings if the site go down, remove plugins and scripts not in use anymore, optimize images, track uptime, scan regulgary to check the site is clean, consistently improve security.

Make sure you have a WP partner that is covering your back by working proactively and that is there for you when needed.

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About us

Founded in 2013 (former known as WP-Konsulterna) DevHouse is today a WordPress focused partner to larger companies and a few selected agencies.

We believe in having a few stronger partnerships in order to create a lot of value to our partners and clients.

We helpout with WordPress related projects, tasks, maintenance, education and advice.

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Partners & companies that we work with

Our philosophy over the years has grown into carefully select a few companies that we create long-term relationships with. By doing so we can create more value and quality for the ones we are working with.

We are working/have worked with clients like Ericsson, Telia, GE Healthecare Life Science, DHL, Securitas, Wise and FCG.


Become a partner?

At the moment we are available to bring on a couple new clients so if you think we're a good fit, please shoot our CEO / CMO Joakim Fröberg an e-mail.


Work With Us

We are always interested in building a strong network of freelancers with different skills. If you're a freelancer looking for co-operational activities please shoot us en e-mail.


Join the team

If you are looking to join a great, fun and remote WordPress company please get in touch with us by sending an e-mail.